Wednesday, April 1, 2009


I think that reading the Outsiders has taught me some things that I didnt know before. One thing it taught me is if I ever move to city, which I plan on doing I shold watch my back. Don't trust anyone, keep your doors locked, and stay out of alleyways and gang turf. But then again I wont be a teenager, Ill be an adault and adaults tend not to get involved with that sort of stuff. I would just have to watch for robbers and theifs, as well as vandles. If I had stairs leading to a window in my apartment, like on most I would put metal bars over the window, kind of like they do at a jail. But not only has it taught me to not be so nieve, but its taught me the value of friends and just how powerfull friendship really is. The gang is all those boys have. They stick together, look out for eachother care for eachother unconditionally. Friends like that are hard to come by. Most kids look out for themselfs and couldn't give a damn about anyone else. Those people are a dime a dozen. The Greasers look out for eachother, if one is in trouble they all help out any way that they can. Also Ive learned that good things can come from bad things, and its what you make of that situation that makes it turn out the way it does. When Johny and Ponyboy were stuck inside the church they were able to talk to eachother and help eachother cope with what went on because they both were going through it. Some kids say that they have your back and stuff like that but only 1% of those people actrually mean it.

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