Tuesday, March 24, 2009


This will be my third post, and my second blog. So far the book has been really good. The action starts as soon as you open the book and doesn't stop till yea put it down. I really like the fact that the book is based on real events. When im reading the book I can picture every little detail. Every crack in the sidewalk and I can clearly picture what the charecters look like. I really like the fact that the city has been split into two halfs. If I were in the novel theres no doubt in my mind that I would be a greaser living on the east side. The east side is a rough area, theres no such thing as a safe place even if you live there you have to watch your back. The buildings are run down and the crime rate is high. When im reading I usually picture things in my head. The buildings are tall. Stores on the bottem floor and then people with lower income living above. Crack houses, poor houses, but not rich houses. The only real houses are in some of the neighboorhoods but for the most part I picture big old buildings, like the ones on downtown king street. Lots of back ally's for people hid and hang out and rooftops to escape cops. The west side is nothing like the east side, to me anyways. I picture big houses, fancy cars and rec centers and Y.M.C.A's. Not to many big buildings, just more suburbs. The greasers are the hardend city kids while the Socs are from suburbia is basicaly what I have gatherd from the book.

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