Friday, March 27, 2009


Even though the Outsiders takes place in the late 1960s gang violence hasn’t changed to much. I think that its gotten a lot worse since that time personally. The Greasers mostly just fist fight, skin on skin. The worst that they would do is carry around a blade, and even then its more of a bluff opposed to actually using it. Also there not as territorial as some of today’s gangs. The city is basically divided into two half’s and that’s about it. Today is a lot different from those days. If you walk into the wrong neighborhood in a certain part of a city you will most likely be gunned down. Gangsters today also look a lot different. Most gangsters think that there living in a fifty music video. They carry around guns and most of there crimes are revolved around drugs, but they still fight over territory. In the outsiders the Greasers just want the Socs to stay off there side of the city and go about there day. The gangsters today go looking for trouble. Most of them carry around guns and do drive by shootings. I can’t recall anyone in the Outsiders fighting over drugs or who sells the drugs but today that’s what the fighting is mostly about. I think that the more technology progresses there will be more gang violence. Im not to sure there is any sort of way to stop it either, most cops wont go into the really bad neighborhoods because there afraid of the gangsters. In the Outsiders the Greasers are afraid of the cops.

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