Friday, March 27, 2009


Even though I had already read the book I still felt I needed to see more. So I went onto adobe last night and I started to watch some of the Outsiders, the movie. When I was reading the book I pictured the characters through there descriptions. I was kind of shocked to see that the characters looked nothing like I thought. For example I thought that Dallas had long Greasy blond hair and looked kind of like a sketch bag, but he looks nothing like that. He has short brown hair and isn’t nearly as mean as I thought he was. I think I liked reading the book better than watching the movie, don’t get me wrong I really enjoyed the movie but reading the book was a lot more fun. I never thought I would say those words. When reading the book you really get into it. You visualize everything and every little aspect while in the movie everything is already planned out. I think the most disappointing part of the movie for me was when I found out that Patrick Swats was playing the roll of Carry. I wouldn’t have seen that coming from a mile away. Also the Characters don’t look tough at all, they look like pretty boys but I guess that’s what Hollywood does. There’s never someone that is ugly in a leading roll, or for that matter in the movies.

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