Monday, March 30, 2009


Living at home is pretty great I must say. Free meals, good company and hot showers I defanitly can't complain. To have to run away from home would be one of the hardest things ever. When im 18 or 19 I'll be old enough to live on my own but I don't think I am ready now. For Ponyboy and Johny to run away was probably the hardest thing they have ever done, not to mention they were wanted for murder. Even though they were gone for only a week and a half I could only begin to immagin how crapy it would be. They got a gun ad 50 dollers and stayed in an old run down dirty church. They had nothing to do to pass the time exept smoke and read, which isn't bad once and a while but I would kill myself before the ciggarets did. I think staying up in the church really made there friendship alot stronger. They really relied on eachother for support and had nobody else to turn to. They were the only ones who knew how eachother felt because they were in the same boat. I hope that I never half to run away from home and live in a stink hole, thats not how I would want to become good friends with someone, and I don't think thats how they wanted to do things either.

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