Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Gang fight goes sour

The Arkensaw gazzet.
March, 25, 2009

At aproxamently 3:30am on the east side of the city in a parking lot, 17 year old Robert Squires was stabbed to death in a gang fight between to opposinng gangs who were fighting over something rediculus.

There were not to many witnesses and the cops were called about a half hour after the stabbing took place. Friends of Robert told police what had happend and it turns out that the howl mess is there fault and the end result was the death of there friend.
It turns out that the kids fighting are involved in gang activity and the fight was between two opposing gangs. The Socs and the Greasers. There were four Socs and two Greasers at the time of the fight.
Robert and another boy grabbed 14 year old Ponyboy Curtis and started to drown him in the fountain. By the end of that fiasco someone was going to loose a friend. The boy who murdered Robert will not have his named released until he goes through court. He will be charged for manslaughter.
The boy saw his friend being drowned in the fountain and saw the only way he could save his friend was by stabbing the other boy.
After fleeing the seen the Two Greasers skipped town. Sources say that They Went to the train yard and caught the 3:15 to Windrexville. The boys were hiding in a church on the hill until it burned down. suprisingly the boys went and saved a couple of kids trapped in the church and were later taken to the hospital and that is where the police pined them for the murder. Ponyboy Curtis will be rewarded for his heroism and the charges on him have been dropped. The other Boy is in Critical condition after suffering back trauma. If he survives he will be charged for manslaughter and sent to jail.

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