Monday, March 23, 2009

Character Profile

For the record this is not One of my 12 blogs, i still have eleven more of them to do. This is my character profile and origonally i was going to do this as a blog but I guess you can't so im glad I didn't over the break. It turns out that the main charecters and the book itself takes place in Arkensaws. I thought that the book took place around New york cause it mentions that Dallas (a character in the book) lived in new york and sometimes travels back and forth from where the book takes place but I was wrong. Also the time period in which it takes place is 1967, and not the late 50s like I though. There were lots of interesting charecters in the book but the five that im going to choose are probably the most involved with the book.

The main character of the book is Poneyboy Curtis. The book basically revolves around him and I think that the author relates to him aswell. Ponyboy lives in a rough neigbourhood on the east side. When the book takes place he is about 14 years old. Most of the greasers are really dumb and can't read or write but Ponyboy is the opposite. If a greaser shows any kind of emotion or sign of weakness or something like that he would probably get beat up. He's more pattionet about things and is very innocent compaired to some of the hardend guys in the group. I think the only reason that he's a greaser is because that his old brothers are. I think that hes the main charecter because of his individuality. He likes reading, going to the movies and has a wild immagination that often runs away with him. I think that Poneyboy is a real sensative guy. He needs someone to talk to about things and he relies on his familly and friends which brings me to my next person.

Sodapop Curtis is Poneyboys older brother, but not the oldest. Sodapop is Poneyboys best friend and he is his idol. Sodapop is really easy going and i think that he is the most laid back out of everyone in the group. He's 16 years old and dropped out. Him and his best friend steve work fulltime at a gas station working on cars and pumping gas, pretty cool job eh. All the woman love Sodapop, its almost like hes a movie star or something. Theres always chicks following him around and on the weekends the gas station is loaded with chicks that want to see him. Soda always has something funny to say and brings people together to. When his brothers fight he's the one to break them up usually. I guess you could say that hes not into the gang as much as the others and hes defanitly not an all out greaser even though he does have the greasy hair which brings me to my next person.

Johny C is my favourite charecter in the book. Its weired but I feel bad for Him even though hes only a charecter in a book. Johny has it the worst out of everyone. On nice nites Johny sleeps in the vacant lot, which is the Greasers main hangout. His parents hate him. His mom ignores him and his dad beats him all the time. The only real familly he has is the gang. personally i think Johny is a good man. He keeps his mouth shut, never argues with anyone, sticks up for his friends and is also one of the nice guys in the gang. In the book Johny gets jumped and beatin within an inch of his life by the Socs. A boy with lots of big rings on his fingers smashed him in the face and the head and they split his face open from his temple to his chin, broke ribs and chipped teath. I think thats what really pushed him over the edge. Johny also reminds me of a guy I used to be real good friends with when I was younger and whenever the book refered to Johny and Ponyboy doing something like hiding out of the church or hanging out in the vacant lot it would remind me of when I was younger, not that im old or anything.

Dallas Winston is as tough as nails and meaner than my mom when I broke the vacumm cleaner. Being a petty thug is what Dallas lives for, and he brags about his Criminal record. He enjoys a good fight, robbing people and stores as well as pretty much anything you could think of. He has an intence hate for everyone and everything exept his gang members, the only person Dallas actrually cares for in the howl story is Johny but he can't show it. I think that living on the streets in New York city would suck the life right out of someone and give them a reason to hate society. When you stand out and look diferent people often ridicule you, exspeacilly in those days. Also Dallas does jail time when hes around 14, 15 and is 17 when the book takes place so he is defanitly hardend beyond any point of return. I don't know to many people that are proud of being a criminal and having a record but the poeple I know that are like that will most likely end up dead or in jail and Dallas does both.

Darrel Curtis is the oldest of the 3 brothers (the brothers being Ponyboy, Soda, and Darry) and I guess you could say he is there gaurdian as well. When the boys were younger, not to far away from the time the book takes place there parents died in a car axcident so Darry was left to take care of the boys. Hes about 20 going on 45. To support himself and the boys he works 2 jobs. From what I got out of the book Darrys life is kind of sad. He was some kind of wonderchild who was really good a sports, probably could have gotten a schollarship and he got good grades too but instead of going to collage he had to get a fulltime job.


  1. Nice, but check your spelling and grammer. Ponyboy doesn't have a "e". Otherwise, good descriptions.

  2. It was good, but why did you not do more of the important characters - like all of the gang?

  3. it says "hes about 20 going on 45" that doesn't make sense for Darry.