Thursday, March 26, 2009


So far in the novel I think that most of the charecters have been introduced. If I had to choose sides I think that I would roll with the Greasers. Im already kind of greasy to begin with and im not rich so I think I would be thrown into the Greaser catigory. I think being a Greaser would be more fun than being a Snoby Soc. Sure the Socs have cars, money and woman but the Greasers have more than that, there like a brotherhood. The Socs are almost like kids without souls. There so caught up in being cool and all stuff while the Greasers are concerned about other things. Basically they just want to live there lives day by day and get out of the crummy neighbourhood they live in. They want to be somebody that goes on and does well, not someone who ends up in jail or in a body bag. Then again there are some Greasers that want to be as bad as they can be and take pride in there criminal record. I think if i were to relate myself with someone in the book I think that I would be Ponyboy. Before I knew what the outsiders was I had people tell me that I looked like Ponyboy and I got really ticked off, but now if someone said that I would take it more as a complament. Acording to the people in the book Ponyboy isn't a bad looking guy haha.

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